KNODE works across sectors to build know-how to initiate and sustain social innovation with real impact

In the 21st century, knowledge  and innovation build wealth.

We believe that knowledge and innovation focused on addressing our most pressing social and economic issues, can build our ‘common wealth’.

Social Innovation


The design and implementation of better ways to harness assets and meet needs, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Social Innovation can benefit individuals and families, communities, organizations, regions and sectors.  However social innovation usually results from systemic views of issues, and the ripple effects can be transformative at a systems level.

We believe social innovation can happen within, and across sectors. Each sector can help to generate ideas, contribute knowledge and extend networks.

4 cornerstones of social innovation

About Knode

Why Knode exists

KNODE aims to stimulate, design and grow the knowledge (the ‘know-how’ and practical skills) needed for social innovation to thrive. We are passionate about helping everyone – from the smallest groups and community organisations, to corporates and government – participate in the process of designing social innovation, because we know that creating a better world requires the combined experiences of all sectors and groups.

Knowledge is a key asset. It helps raise awareness about issues, and capacity to respond creatively to difficult situations. KNODE can help you to develop what you know and what you do and share it with others so we can all learn, innovate and be inspired.

KNODE is committed to helping to develop and share the knowledge that underlies social innovation.


Many of our projects are cross-sector projects involving a number of stakeholders.

Client sector diagram


An outline of what we do


KNODE has led cutting-edge action research projects that have informed and shaped policy and practice, in areas such as Impact Investment, Community Development, Social Procurement and Social Design.

KNODE has helped social sector organisations and businesses to engage their constituents, thereby co-designing and transforming user-centred services and programs.

KNODE has worked with not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to design and create bespoke training packages for their own staff and other external clients. KNODE can work with you to design both accredited and non-accredited training packages to suit your needs.

KNODE has led and hosted inspiring events and workshops to share innovative approaches to addressing complex social issues.


Ingrid Burkett, Managing Director
Ingrid Burkett is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepens social impact and facilitates social innovation. Ingrid has well developed relationships with a large network of professionals and technicians who work with her in various projects to help deliver quality outcomes. Over the next months look out for further information about KNODEs associates and partners. If you are interested in working in partnership with or as an associate of KNODE, please [link slide=”contact”]contact[/link]  Ingrid.

KNODE is a social business. That means knode exists for and uses its profits for a social purpose.


Our purpose as a company is to design knowledge that is needed to initiate and grow social innovations. Our profits are used to foster and inspire social innovation, particularly through art and design.

Each year we choose a project or projects to undertake (either within knode or with an external partner) and we use the profits generated through knode to complete this project. The project will be announced in August each year. These projects are profiled and outlined in the [link slide=”innovation-hothouse”]innovation hothouse[/link] section.

Our company objectives are:
> to inspire knowledge and creativity through design and research.
> to research and design practical and sustainable social innovations.
> to operate as an ethical and sustainable social business through the way we work and use our profits.
> to utilise the profits of the company to inspire further social innovation, particularly through art and design.

Innovation Hothouse

An innovation hothouse for social media


As KNODE grows, so does our contribution to fostering social innovation.

Our work is grounded in designing knowledge that will initiate and grow social innovation. This generates income that in turn grows our work, our people, our company and our community. Our profits are used to foster and inspire.


Knode Pty Ltd
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Dr. Ingrid Burkett
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